6 packets of Crystal Ball

Non toxic, pollution free and smell free.
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Type: Crystal Soil
Color: 7 mix colors available

Before: about 1.5mm, After Absorb Water: about 10mm

Use for: Plant/Flower/Home Decor/Water Gun Toys

How to use:
Add one ounce (2 level tablespoons) to one gallon of water of 1 level tablespoon to 2 quarts of water (For large beads, use distilled water).
Allow 6-12 hours for beads to absorb water
Drain any excess water with a strainer or colander
Pour finished beads in vases and bowls

Add more water to beads when they begin to dry
Add water to refresh them after long periods of use

Note :
color beads will fade and slightly change
It is important to use the proper amount of water to obtain the correct color.
By adding too much water, the color in the bead will be faded.

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