Kitchen Cabinet Wallpaper

5meter Kitchen Cabinet Wallpaper / Cabinet Dust Proof - Kertas Dinding Dapur / Alas Lapik Habuk untuk Almari
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Item No .: Aluminum Foil Paper 101
Hierarchical composition: three levels
Decorative style: special effects
Grade: First Class
Function: Waterproof, antifouling and moisture
Material: PVC
Style: modern simplicity
Category: wall cloth, wallpaper
Size : 60cm x 500cm

Regarding the problem of color aberrations: different lighting, angles, and different monitors of the wallpaper will have a little impact.
Each batch of wallpaper will also have a little color aberration.
All wallpaper colors are subject to the actual product.

Product features:
This product is widely used.
Can be used on flat and clean surfaces.
Selling all over the world, buyers can stick on their own.
Cheap and economical.
Everyone can use it.
House renovation, renovation of old houses, rental houses, shops, furniture, etc.
Renovation costs are over the bottom.
Make up the requirements of wallpaper wallpaper in the mid-range stalls.

1. Measure the long size of the item to be pasted
2. Repeatedly wipe the surface of the items to be stuck with a clean rag
3. Cut a piece of aluminum foil to the size required for the measurement
4. Tear off the aluminum foil to prepare it for pasting. Do not tear it all at once.
5. While tearing off the release paper, slowly attach it, and discharge air while applying.
(Note: Do not tear off the release paper at one time during the sticking process.

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