Storage Case Desk Drawer

Hidden drawer under your table.
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~ Implicit effect, stretch design, ingenious structure, seamless adhesive
~ Concealed storage pen case, small pen box can accommodate a lot of things, pens, rulers, compasses, paper towels, scissors, mobile phones and other objects
~ Concealed design, one pull and one close, make your desktop smart
~ Large-capacity space, not only can be loaded with stationery, but also enhance the style.
~ Strong and stable non-marking glue, can be repeatedly pasted, change position at will, multi-purpose, multi-scene application, put kitchen, bathroom, study, etc.
~ ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable
~ Stretch design, bottom stretch, easy to take
~ No trace of adhesive, no trace, easy to install

~ Color: random
~ Material: ABS
~ Size: See Figure 22.3 x 9 x 3.5cm
~ Application: desk, office
~ Packing boxes

Installation Notes
1. Wipe the back of the table
2. tear the adhesive back
3. Place the box
4. Installation is complete

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