Laundry Beads - 50 cubes

Long-lasting fragrance and soft laundry bead concentrated liquid
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Various colors:

  • fresh fruity (green)
  • natural fragrance (blue)
  • rose fragrance (red)
  • lily fragrance (yellow)
  • lavender (purple)

Product selling points:
1. Enzyme formula.
2. 8 times concentration.
3. Low foam and easy to float.
4. Clean and translucent
5. This product is a phosphorus-free concentrated formula, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue and more environmentally friendly.

Main ingredient:
Surfactants, stabilizers, neutralizers, dispersants, clothing enhancers, fragrances, enzymes, etc.

Instructions for use:
(Please follow the instructions below to achieve the correct washing effect)
1. Take out a condensed bead (for 8 times concentrated, one bead is enough).
Do not cut or tear. (The transparent wrapping film is a water-soluble material and does not need to be torn apart.)
2. Please put the condensed beads directly into the inner tube of the washing machine for use.
Do not put condensed beads in the box.
3. Pour the clothes and start the washing machine.
(8 times concentrated one can wash a tube of clothing)
The product dissolves in water and has no residue after washing.

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